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When did you last hear these 3 little words from your end users?

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Since you are reading this blog, I think it is reasonable to assume you have a decent understanding of what it takes to build a web application. I would also bet that your end users have said at least one (all?) of the following when describing a web application you developed for them:

  • “incomplete”
  • “unintuitive”
  • “not user friendly”‚ “takes too many clicks to do anything”
  • “too slow”
  • “doesn’t work on my iPhone / Android / tablet”

If you have been tasked with delivering a complex web-based application that end users actually want to use, you will understand that it involves more than just writing good code. For example, you need to design an application that not only meets functional needs, but performs at lightening speed, has a streamlined user interface, looks beautiful, and works on any device.

Achieving all this requires a team with a breadth and depth of skills that are typically expensive and hard to find. For example, analysts that translate the functional needs into screen flows, UI designers that understand the power of existing platform components, and architects that can translate functional needs into a data model.

That’s why we introduced a new specialized Information Architecture service to supplement your dev team. Our goal is to ensure you get it right from the start, build applications that your end users love, and that stand the test of time.

Our Information Architects are expert in the structural design of complex applications. They begin by understanding the purpose of the applications you want to build, the information that will be captured, and how end users will utilize that data. They then design the data model, screen flows and screen wireframes. This process facilitates high performance, exposes missing details, and allows for a streamlined user interface.

With feedback gathered on the wireframes, the Information Architects call on their UI design expertise in conjunction with their deep knowledge of the SmartClient platform to construct functional mockups. They use these mockups to carry out user testing, ensuring that applications are functionally complete and have a delightful user experience. Feedback gained from user testing is then incorporated back into the design to create applications end users only dreamed of.

To learn more about our Information Architecture service, click here. We are offering a 30% discount through January.

Happy New year from all the Isomorphic Team!