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Category: performance

Best Practices for Business Logic Validation

Validation is a critical aspect of any web application, especially in true web applications that offer advanced functionality for sophisticated users – people who use the application continuously, all day. Validation in such applications is often very complicated: validation rules may involve multiple related entities and complex conditional logic – it’s not just “integer greater than zero”. At Isomorphic, we...

Why Everything Is CRUD

Many web frameworks have very advanced support for the so-called “CRUD” operations, that is, Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete, also known in SQL as Insert, Select, Update and Delete. Often, when developers see the CRUD features in these frameworks – like data grids that know how to perform CRUD operations, as in SmartClient – they react by saying: well, that’s great...

Web Application Optimization: Why Most Advice Is Wrong

Most of the advice you run into regarding web application optimization is not only wrong, it’s what I call catastrophically wrong, meaning that it: That’s a big claim, and I will back it up. Before we begin, we need a clear definition of performance for a web application.  Only with a good definition of performance in hand can we begin to discuss web application optimization, what’s wrong with so...