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A single codebase for all devices

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With smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices becoming more and more prevalent in Enterprises, development organizations are often advised to design, build, test and maintain applications for the desktop, and repeat these tasks for every operating system (iOS, Windows, Android, etc.) and individual devices (iPhone 6, iPad, etc.). However, this rapidly becomes unsustainable.

Our last customer survey confirmed that the enterprise web applications you build are mostly accessed via desktop. The drivers for this are the tasks being performed, the volume of data involved, and the types of end users (mostly in the office / occasionally in the field). We outlined a mobile strategy that supports these findings.

We also introduced capabilities like Adaptive UI, Responsive Layouts, and Intelligent Auto-Fitting. With the SmartClient platform, developers can create powerful, beautiful, single codebase web applications that run on any device (desktop, mobile, tablet). Since development need only be done once, the overall effort is radically reduced. The end result?:

  • Solutions to market faster
  • Higher quality
  • Lower development costs

What’s not to like? Try out some more live samples here.