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Dashboards that redefine extensibility

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When your users present you with a specification for their dream dashboard, I can promise you this: Once you build it for them, their dreams will get bigger … and they won’t just want more of the same. They will want new capabilities that you didn’t even consider when evaluating dashboard tools. For example, they will suddenly need the ability to kick off a workflow, update data in place, pull data from a legacy website, etc. … all from the dashboard. These types of things can quickly result in reconsideration of your chosen technology.

That is why we built Dashboards on top of the SmartClient framework. It has everything you need to make end user’s future dashboarding dreams come true – without the need to purchase, configure and integrate with your existing applications. And you can of course build beautiful dashboards like this one:

Beautiful, extensible dashboards without the need to purchase, setup or integrate with your existing applications.

But don’t just take my word for it … try it out for yourself!