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We’re de-supporting some really old stuff

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With our SmartClient platform, we always try to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in the latest browsers. At the same time, we support users on older browsers and older versions of SmartClient. This is a bit of a balancing act.

We work with many institutions that are risk-averse. Unfortunately, browser vendors move faster than such institutions would like. When a browser vendor just breaks something, often the effort and risk of backporting a complex fix to an older release, where code is rather different, just doesn’t make sense.

So, since it benefits more users, we tend to port a lot more fixes to the most recent dot release than to prior releases of the same major version.

Given the above, it is clear that older releases just worsen over time, and at some point, it makes sense to stop supporting them … Which brings us to the purpose of this blog post:

We are planning to stop supporting release 9.1 | 4.1 and 10.1 | 5.1. Please see the de-support milestones below and plan accordingly.

Release 9.1 | 4.1 De-support milestones

Released3rd March, 2014
De-Support schedule announced23rd Aug, 2019
Security fixes only after31st Dec, 2019
De-supported28th Feb, 2020

Release 10.1 | 5.1 De-support milestones

Released10th Dec, 2015
De-Support schedule announced23rd Aug, 2019
Security fixes only after31st July, 2020
De-supported31st Dec, 2020

The best time to upgrade

If you are still on 10.1 | 5.1 or earlier, there is no better time to upgrade than now. It has been several years since it was released, and much has changed. Our platform has become faster and much more capable, and new browser versions are released weekly.

Contact us to upgrade.

IMPORTANT: It never makes sense to add new features to an application on anything other than the latest release. Browser vendors are constantly breaking things, and we don’t port the more complicated stuff back if it’s principally cosmetic or can be worked around because it’s not worth the risk. Hence problems start to accrue in aging releases well before they are officially end-of-lifed.

Upgrade to 12.0 and enjoy these new features

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll get by upgrading to release 12.0:

… and there’s much, much more!

Upgrading is easy … but if you want help, we’ve got your back

Our forums are a good source of info / support when upgrading. If you need assistance, Isomorphic Consulting can align with your needs: We can provide help and direction, upgrade your applications for you, or even perform Application Modernization to help you take advantage of the latest platform capabilities. Just contact us for more info and to discuss your needs.


The Isomorphic Team.