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Enactia GDPR Soln Built w/ SmartClient

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At Isomorphic Software, we believe that your data belongs to you and that you should have full control over it. So, we were more than happy to hear a new startup – Enactia – has built a comprehensive cloud software suite for Privacy and Cybersecurity Compliance management. When we heard it was built top to bottom with SmartClient, we were ecstatic!

Enactia was designed around the GDPR regulations and streamlines the workflow for all the necessary tasks to be performed by the Data Privacy Officer (DPO) … and the user experience is excellent. Check this out:

So, why did Enactia select SmartClient?

SmartClient enabled us to produce a GUI that looks astonishing and uniformed across our modular product. We designed mockups and from there on we knew that we did not have to worry about uniformity in the product. This is very important for a developer.  The SmartClient out-of-the-box features are used all over the Enactia, such as Listgrids, Charts, tool-strips, autofit, Export to XLS to name a few. We also saved a lot of time because all the components are optimized and run fast in the browser. When you are a startup every minute counts and you want to focus on putting your ideas down as fast as possible, not disrupting the workflow, and this is exactly how SmartClient helped us create a state of the art product. I believe that if we were to use another framework instead of SmartClient we would need more resources to work on the project and it would have taken us much longer to implement the features that Enactia has currently.      Nicholas Valerkos, Co-founder and CTO, Enactia

Want to learn more about Enactia? Visit

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