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Next Release – Final batch of features

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Our next release (SmartClient 10.1 / Smart GWT 5.1) is just days away. As you probably know, we already published two blogs listing several of the upcoming features:

Here is the final batch of features (excluding 1 or 2 stragglers) …

Two New Components: “Deck” and “NavPanel”, with Tool Support

The “Deckcomponent: manages the mutually exclusive display of a set of components (like a TabSet with no tabs). LearnMorebutton
The “NavPanelcomponent: manages list/tree navigation between a set of components displayed in a Deck. LearnMorebutton
Both components are very easy to build from existing components, but specialized support has been added to both the Dashboards & Tools framework and Visual Builder to make it easy for non-developers to build screens incorporating these common patterns. DeckandNavPanel

More Visual Builder Updates

  • Support for adding/editing FormItemIcon
  • Ability to attach multiple actions to an event

More Data Import Improvements

BatchUploader has a new mode which facilitates interactive fixing of errors. PartialCommitOption allows a specified action to be taken (allow, prevent, prompt, retain) if a user attempts to save the dataset produced by a BatchUploader whilst it still contains errors. LearnMorebutton
Data Import: support for automatically translating display values from related DataSources into correct foreign key values during data imports. ** Check back later for documentation

Messaging Support for JMS Queues

The Real-time Messaging module has been upgraded to support JMS (Java Message Service) Queues, as well as JMS selectors (which allow you to subscribe to a subset of available messages in a JMS Topic or Queue). LearnMorebutton

FileSource APIs for Saving and Loading Files to DataSources

The FileSource APIs allow saving and loading files to DataSources, including automatic versioning and per-user ownership. They are implemented by sending requests to the server with a special operationType. LearnMorebutton


In this release, SuperDevMode becomes even more super, with a setup guide and improvements to stack traces and other diagnostics. LearnMorebutton

Reload listGrid without a Loading Message

With 10.1 / 5.1, a listGrid.refreshData() API will be available for reloading data from the server without a loading message appearing. LearnMorebutton

Getting the Server Details Right

Avoid Precision loss with stringInBrowser

The stringInBrowser server-side setting can be used to deliver numeric values as strings to the browser. It causes values for fields of type “integer” or “float” to be represented as Strings when delivered to a web browser, to avoid mangling values which cannot be represented faithfully in JavaScript (such as BigInteger, BigDecimal, Long, etc.)


JodaTime Support

JodaTime Support will be in this release, including handling JPA/Hibernate beans with JodaTime properties. JodaTime classes will automatically be sent to the client as Date instances, and Date instances submitted by the client will automatically populate bean fields that use JodaTime types, including automatic handling of the difference between logical date, logical time, and full date+time fields.

Optional Millisecond Precision for datetime Fields in SQLDataSource

With trimMilliseconds, the millisecond portion of time and datetime values can be (optionally) trimmed off before before being sent from client to server or vice versa. By default, millisecond information is preserved (i.e. it is not trimmed). You only need to consider trimming millisecond values if their presence causes a problem – for example, a custom server that is not expecting that extra information and so fails parsing.


DataSourceField.sortByField for Custom Server-driven Sorting

In release 10.1 / 5.1, getSortByField() can be used for server-side sorting of the values of a field according to values of another field.



*** Remember: Upgrades to 10.1/5.1 are FREE to those who have already purchased 10.0 / 5.0. ***

For those not yet on 10.0/ 5.0, upgrade discounts are available and are based on the date of your last license purchase. View our License FAQs for more details. If you would like to upgrade, please contact us.

Thanks as always,

The Isomorphic Team!