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Even More 10.1 / 5.1 Features

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Our next release – 10.1 / 5.1 – is getting close. We talked about some of the upcoming features in an earlier blogpost. Here are a few more to wet your appetite further …

Server-side Support for Relative Date

The RelativeDate system allows end users to express criteria as relative to the current date, which is very useful for saved searches and other applications. New support for server-side decoding of RelativeDates allows automated processes that don’t involve a browser to execute saved criteria that involve RelativeDates.


Snap to Align

While dragging, snap to coordinates aligns the edge or center of the dragged widget with the edge or center of other widgets in the same container.



Client-driven Transaction Chaining

Transaction chaining enables the values of a request to be determined by the results of a previous request. A new client-driven mode of Transaction Chaining allows client-side code to drive this process instead of requiring server-side declarations, so that existing server-side operations can be re-used in novel ways without requiring server-side developers to add new features.

API for Doing Transactions Outside of HTTP Request Lifecycle

This enhancement allows the Automatic Transactions feature to be used for scheduled tasks (such as Quartz timers) and standalone applications (not running within a servlet engine). 

Scheduled Tasks
DSTransaction tracks a queue of requests and provides APIs for commiting, rolling back, managing error status, freeing resources, and enabling features like “Transaction Chaining”.


Standalone Applications
The DataSource layer can be used in a standalone application separate from a servlet engine, for use cases like offline batch data processing, sending emails based on database state, or integration of Smart GWT Server logic into a standalone Java Swing application.

Floating Titles for Drawing Shapes

All shapes now support the ability to have a text title drawn on top of them, with various options for how text is placed for rotatable shapes. For example, as a shape is rotated, the title can stay in place, rotate with the shape, rotate with the shape but flip so as to always remain upright, etc.



The Dashboards & Tools framework now has built-in support for editing titles – just start typing when a shape is selected to add or change a title.



Improved Data Import

We’ve added XML and JSON formats …

  • BatchUploader now allows XML or JSON uploads (in addition to CSV) and has the ability to auto-detect the format used.
  • Server-side APIs parsing XML, JSON or CSV data as DataSource records make custom importers easier to write.
  • The Admin Console and Visual Builder now support upload of sample data files right in the tool.




*** Remember: Upgrades to 10.1/5.1 are FREE to those who have already purchased 10.0 / 5.0. ***

For those not yet on 10.0/ 5.0, upgrade discounts are available and are based on the date of your last license purchase. View our License FAQs for more details. If you would like to upgrade, please contact us.

Thanks as always,

The Isomorphic Team!