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Category: Choice

Why Everything Is CRUD

Many web frameworks have very advanced support for the so-called “CRUD” operations, that is, Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete, also known in SQL as Insert, Select, Update and Delete. Often, when developers see the CRUD features in these frameworks – like data grids that know how to perform CRUD operations, as in SmartClient – they react by saying: well, that’s great...

Web Application Optimization: Why Most Advice Is Wrong

Most of the advice you run into regarding web application optimization is not only wrong, it’s what I call catastrophically wrong, meaning that it: That’s a big claim, and I will back it up. Before we begin, we need a clear definition of performance for a web application.  Only with a good definition of performance in hand can we begin to discuss web application optimization, what’s wrong with so...

Are lightweight components really what you need?

Business applications improve productivity. Improving productivity is why applications exist and why we are all employed to provide them. However, as developers, we sometimes get excited about new technologies and the benefits they claim to have. For example, a basic grid component with a very small amount of source code sounds very appealing. However, this simplicity is the wrong thing to...