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Top 10 License FAQs

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We thought it might be useful to proactively provide answers to the licensing questions we’re asked most often. Here goes:

#1 Which should I use? SmartClient or Smart GWT? What is the difference?

SmartClient and Smart GWT are “sister technologies” with a common Ajax / HTML5 runtime. Both technologies provide:

  • a zero-install Ajax/HTML5 client engine
  • rich user interface components & services
  • client-server databinding systems

With SmartClient, you write your application in object-oriented JavaScript. With Smart GWT, you write your code in Java, and via the Google Web Toolkit, this code is translated into JavaScript so that it runs in normal browsers without plugins. SmartClient and Smart GWT support the same set of UI components, data binding systems and general APIs, with slight differences to take best advantages of each language’s strengths (Java vs JavaScript). For more information, please see:

#2 What kind of support do we get with our license?

Support, training, consulting and other services are available. Services are not included with licenses, however discounts are offered for purchasing licenses at the same time as services. See a list of available services.

#3 Are licenses perpetual or subscription based?

Our licenses are perpetual for the version that is being purchased.

#4. When I buy a license, do I have access to future versions?

You have access to any new minor versions for the major version you’ve purchased. For example, purchasing version 11.0 entitles you to 11.1, 11.1.1, 11.2 and so on, but not to 12.0. You also have access to any patches that are released for any of your licensed versions.

#5 Can I transfer my licenses from one developer to another?

Licenses that are per-developer are “named user” licenses, not “floating” or “concurrent user” licenses. You are not allowed to, for example, finish a project and transfer a set of licenses to a different group of developers who are starting a new project.

However, to account for changes that occur within teams, a licensed organization can transfer up to 20% of its licenses in a year (rounded up – you may always transfer one license), provided that the new licensed developer(s) has the same or a similar functional role as the licensed developer(s) that were replaced or they are engaged in the same general project. To make this change, you can email to have the license transferred to the new team member.

*What if my team will need to transfer more than 20% of licenses in year?* 

If you will need to transfer more than 20% of licenses in a year, then consider purchasing our fully transferable licenses.  Transferable licenses may be moved to a new user on request with no additional charge as your team changes.

A transferable license costs 1.5 times the price of a regular license (for example, $1,117.50 per developer license for Pro edition). Transferable licenses can be mixed with our standard license in order to meet the needs of your team.

Note that transferable licenses are still named licenses, *not* concurrent licenses.  They cannot be transferred more than once in a 72 hour period.

If you don’t want to closely track licenses, consider a Flat Rate license (see FAQ about Flat Rate).

#6 Which of our developers need a license?

Generally developers who call SmartClient APIs, use SmartClient development tools, or install the SmartClient SDK need to buy a license. A DataBase Architect (DBA) or similar role will generally not need a license. Depending on how your application is structured, developers building generic services may not need licenses.

For example, you may have developers who create general purpose Java APIs, WSDL or XML-based services which are also used by non-SmartClient applications. Developers who integrate SmartClient user interfaces with these services will need SmartClient licenses, but developers who create these services will not, so long as they do not use SmartClient development tools for testing and troubleshooting.

However, SmartClient tools are useful in a broad variety of situations, and are inexpensive relative to developer time and the cost of missed deadlines. It usually makes sense to purchase licenses for anyone who might need them because this allows your team to take the most efficient approach.

#7 What is the best way to get started with SmartClient / Smart GWT?

There are plenty of resources available to get you building cutting-edge web apps in no time:

  • First, download the latest version of SmartClient or Smart GWT from here: Product Downloads | Isomorphic Software
  • Then, follow the Quick Start Guide (SmartClient/Smart GWT). The Quick Start Guide will get you working with components and services very quickly. It will also provide a conceptual framework, with pointers to more detail, so you can explore SmartClient/Smart GWT in your areas of interest.
  • Our live showcases (SmartClient/Smart GWT) provide hundreds of live samples with editable code that will give you a good idea of what is possible and how to achieve it.
  • Complete documentation can be accessed here: Product Documentation | Isomorphic Software
  • There are forums if you encounter issues (be sure to follow the instructions).
  • We also run regular online training courses.
  • If you need help, we have varying level of Consulting Services. For example, our Jump Start program combines training with building some initial parts of your application.
#8 Can I pay a yearly maintenance fee to always be on the latest version?

Yes!  For teams that always want to be on the latest and greatest version of SmartClient/Smart GWT, we offer the Continuous Upgrade Program.  With the Continuous Upgrade Program, you are entitled to all upgrades (major and minor) to the product. The price for the Continuous Upgrade is 100% of the license fees in the first year followed by 50% of the original license fees per year thereafter, with a three year minimum commitment.

#9 Which of our developers are currently licensed to use SmartClient, Smart GWT?

For a list of your licensed users, contact us here.

#10 We have purchased licenses but are having trouble downloading.

First, ensure you have logged in as a licensed user.

Navigate to the download page and click the download button for the edition (Pro, Power, or Enterprise) you purchased.

If you are still having issues, contact us here.

Are there more FAQs?

You betcha! See the full list here.

Thanks for reading!

The Isomorphic Team.