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Feature Spotlight: CubeGrid

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Huge amounts of complex data can be overwhelming:

Where should you start? How can you focus in on what’s important without missing the big picture? Could there be correlations between seemingly unrelated aspects of the data?

You need the right tools to explore and interrogate the data, then the ability to display it in the most appropriate ways to draw conclusions.

Take a look at CubeGrid

CubeGrid is a SmartClient UI component that allows instant analysis of multi-dimensional data via your web browser. Think of it like Excel pivot tables, except in your web app with the ability to handle complex multi-dimensional volume data.

CubeGrid allows you to slice & dice, pivot, analyze in the optimal format, create powerful charts, share, export and much more. Basically all the capabilities you need to make new and meaningful discoveries from your data.

Here are just a few CubeGrid highlights:

Discover valuable data insights

Cube Grid has powerful data navigation features:

  • Pivot, add & remove facets on the fly
  • Expand/collapse within/across facets
  • Drill up/down, filter, sort to interrogate data
Click to instantly create insightful charts
  • Display pivot table data in sophisticated charts
  • Multi-dimension-aware charts allow pivot, drill up/down
  • Change chart types on the fly (line, bar, pie, etc.)

Analyze, present and share in the optimal format
  • Resize / auto-resize columns to fit data
  • Freeze column & row headers for context while scrolling
  • Export data & charts in many formats
  • Exported data reflects pivots, sorts and filters
  • Share filtered and hilited views between users

Where can I learn more?

Adding powerful multi-dimensional data analysis capabilities to your web applications couldn’t be easier. If you want to learn more:

#1 Try the live samples for yourself in our showcase.

#2 Watch the CubeGrid feature spotlight video:

#3 See the documentation here.

Leveraging Our New Skins? Get Amazon $$$

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  • A description of what your app does
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Thanks for reading our blog. If there is anything you would like us to show in an upcoming blog, let us know.