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Last Batch of Features Before the Big Release

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SmartClient 10.0 / Smart GWT 5.0 will be released around the end August. This is a MAJOR release. We are currently adding the final layer of polish before we let it go.

Meanwhile, here are a few more features that we think you will like … and you can try them out now!

CubeGrid WYSIWYG Excel Export

CubeGrids can now export to excel with data arranged the same way you see in the cube: row and column headers arranged around a central body area. Also, Big Data is no problem. You can now export gigantic amounts of data to Excel (eg 1 million plus rows) with no issues and no running out of memory!


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Timeline and Calendar Enhancements

  • Major performance upgrades allowing much larger number of events to be displayed
  • Special indicators for moments in time or date ranges
  • Zones that span lanes (e.g. for weekends, holidays, etc.)

Timeline and Calendar Enhancements

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Spring @ transactional Annotation Support

Use Spring annotations for either a custom servlet or a specific DMI and SmartClient operations will participate in the Spring manage transaction automatically.


Proportional mode for charts
Area, Bar & Column charts now support “proportional mode”, where data values are visualized as ratios, similar to a Pie chart. Like many other chart features, the end user can turn this mode on or off on-the-fly.
Proportional Mode for Charts
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Enhanced Move / Resize in Drawing Module
  • Resize-while-rotated
  • Enhanced and customizable appearance for knobs
  • Resize knob support for more kinds of DrawItems


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Download Smart GWT 5 or SmartClient 10 to get started using our newest mobile features and much more today!

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The Isomorphic Team