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Smart GWT QuickStart Guide

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Now available: the Smart GWT QuickStart Guide.

This is the first piece of documentation to read when learning about Smart GWT. It is structured as a set of brief introductions to the major features of Smart GWT, with hands-on code samples you can run and experiment with, and links to deeper documentation to learn more.

This guide also introduces a huge amount of new material on the Smart GWT Server Framework and how it is intended to be used. Even if you’ve already been working with Smart GWT Pro/EE for a while, you should read these sections – even some internal Isomorphic developers learned new things while reviewing the guide.

To give an idea of the scope of this document, here is a partial list of chapters and major sub-headings:

1.  Overview

2. Installation

Starting a New Project

Adding Smart GWT to an Existing Project

4. Visual Components

5. Data Binding

Databound Components



Customized Data Binding

DataSource Operations

DataBound Component Operations

6. Layout

Component Layout

Container Components

Form Layout

7. Data Integration

DataSource Requests

Request and Response Transformation

Criteria, Paging, Sorting and Caching

Authentication and Authorization


8. Smart GWT Server Framework

DataSource Generation

Server Request Flow

Direct Method Invocation

DMI Parameters

Adding DMI Business Logic

Returning Data

Queuing & Transactions

Queuing, RESTHandler, and SOAs

Operation Bindings

Declarative Security

Dynamic Expressions (Velocity)

SQL Templating

SQL Templating — Adding Fields

Custom DataSources

9. Extending Smart GWT

New Components

New Form Controls

Switching Theme

Customizing Themes

10. Tips

Architecture Tips

11. Evaluating Smart GWT

Evaluating Performance

Evaluating Interactive Performance

And here is a brief sample of some of the content:

Note: please use the QuickStart Guide with the latest nightly builds – some small enhancements were made that are utilized in some of the samples.