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Smart GWT 3.1 / SmartClient 8.3 Released and 30% off Holiday Sale

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We are pleased to announce that Smart GWT 3.1 and SmartClient 8.3 have been released! In celebration of the release, you have the opportunity to purchase new licenses or upgrade existing licenses at 30% off until the end of the year.

The new release is a massive leap forward, and includes a dizzying array of new features. The list below only includes the major new features, so please see the changelog.html file in the SDK for a complete rundown of the latest features, bug fixes, and enhancements.

Download the new releases today!

Feature List

Dual-Axis HTML5 Chart
Example of Dual-Axis HTML5 Chart
  • Cell-Level Selection: ListGrid now supports cell-level selection by setting canSelectCells:true. Click and drag to highlight blocks of cells, and select or deselect individual cells in the grid.
  • Excel Copy and Paste:  Copy and paste tabular data between Grids and Excel (or similar spreadsheet applications). Grid to Excel, Grid to Grid, and Excel to Grid copy and paste are all supported.
  • Timeline: Calendar widget for visualizing schedules, assigning tasks, or other horizontal displays of time-based information. Timeline supports drag to move or re-size events, hover for more detail, and editing by clicking events in the timeline.
Timeline Calendar Widget
  • Component XML Improvements and Documentation:  Define screens or parts of screens in XML, including on-the-fly loading from dynamic storage such as a database. Complete with simplified APIs and more comprehensive documentation.
  • More Powerful SimpleTypes:  SimpleTypes previously allowed you to define a reusable atomic field type such as a zipCode or emailAddress. The SimpleType API can now define custom sorting and filtering behaviors, and the underlying stored value can be a custom object rather than just an atomic type such as String.
  • RTL Support:  RTL stands for “right-to-left” and is a key component when delivering an application in a language such as Hebrew or Arabic. RTL mode will horizontally flip the content layouts and ordering so that layouts reverse stacking order and show scrollbars to the left of every window.
  • CSS3 skins: Existing skins have been upgraded with a CSS3 mode. CSS3 skins have the same look and feel as current skins on modern browsers, but use radically less media, have a simpler Document Object Model (DOM) for faster rendering, and are easier to modify.
  • Gauge Widget:  Speedometer-like display with configurable sectors, tick marks, labels, needle position and colors based on the Drawing module.
Gauge Widget
Gauge Widget
  • Scatter Charts:  Scatter charts show data sets with two continuously varying axes, such as plotting the age and weight of a set of people. In addition, multiple data sets can now be shown in different colors.
  • Multi-Select ComboBox:  This new control combines the type-ahead completion interface of a classic ComboBox with multiple item selection. Several options are provided for displaying previously chosen items, allowing the control to fit in a variety of different contexts. Load-on-demand is supported for working with large data sets.
  • Selenium Upgrades:  Scripts recorded in the Selenium IDE now insert intelligent, automatic waits. This eliminates the need to insert manual wait commands into recorded scripts, or run scripts with long delays between commands.
  • Row Spanning Cells in Grids:  Grids will now allow cells to span multiple rows, providing a handy way to visually emphasize aggregation, or common values between rows.
  • Fiscal Year Awareness: You can now declare a fiscal calendar to be used throughout your application, and date pickers will present an enhanced interface oriented toward weeks of the fiscal year.
  • CubeGrid Single-Axis Load on Demand: The CubeGrid has the ability to load data on demand, and also has the ability to automatically hide empty rows or columns in an incomplete data cube (where not all dimension values can be crossed with all other dimension values). However, until now these two capabilities were mutually exclusive: we couldn’t determine if a row was empty without complete data.
  • Improved HTML5 Charts: Printing support including export to PDF, built-in hovers, examples of adding your own elements and interactivity, new ‘skinning’ API’s to enhance control over fonts, colors, shadows and more.

You can learn more about Smart GWT 3.1 and SmartClient 8.3 in our Feature Roadmap and Release Candidate announcements. As always, please send us any bug reports or feedback in the Forums. Please be clear about what product and version you’re using when reporting issues.

30% Sale Pricing

*Starting on release day, ending on 12/31/2012.

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Download Smart GWT 3.1 or SmartClient 8.3 to get started using our new features today!


The Isomorphic Team