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30% off Release Sale Extended to Friday, January 20th, 2012

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Release Sale Extended

Due to popular demand, we’ve extended the Smart GWT 3.0 / SmartClient 8.2 release sale until Friday, January 20th, 2012. This is the last chance to get all the new features of Smart GWT 3.0 and SmartClient 8.2 at the discounted price. Buy now at 30% off to lock in your savings today!

If you are upgrading from a previous version, we’ll stack the 30% discount on top of the discount you receive for owning a qualifying older license. Contact sales for an upgrade quote.

More Reasons to Buy

  • Get Upgrades or New Licenses for both your existing team and future hires. Licenses are perpetual, so why wait? Buy now.
  • Get Optional Modules for Analytics or Real-time Messaging at the 30% off sale price until January 20th. Analytics provides specialized components for viewing, navigating and editing very large, multi-dimensional data sets. Messaging provides real-time data delivery via HTTP streaming (aka “Comet”) for monitoring, command & control, trading desk and real-time collaboration applications involving time-sensitive, continuously updated data. Request a quote.
  • Get Support for next year. You’ll get unlimited access to our expertise to help solve problems, and there’s no commitment to renew the following year for any of our Support Plans.
  • Setup Training for recent team members or for new teams that may use Isomorphic products in 2012. Rather than give you a cookie cutter program, we work with you to build a Training curriculum that’s customized to your needs.
  • Sponsor a Feature you’ve always wished for with Feature Sponsorship. Isomorphic can deliver enhancements that meet your specific requirements and deadlines.
  • Fast track a new project by having an Isomorphic consultant build the first few screens of your application with our Jump Start program.
  • Get Consulting Help. Take advantage of our turnkey application delivery services for projects that have to be done right and done right now. Or, add an Isomorphic engineer to your team, full time or part time, via our Embedded Developer Program.

Here’s what’s new and improved in Smart GWT 3.0 and SmartClient 8.2.

New Features

  • Drawing: Create cross-browser, mobile-enabled graphics in your applications with our general-purpose vector graphics library. Works everywhere with no plug-ins required.
  • Automatic Joins: Include fields with a single property from another SQL, JPA or Hibernate DataSource using an efficient SQL join, just by setting a single property.
  • Field-Level Declarative Security: Restrict access privileges by role to ensure granular security at a per-field level. A single declaration drives both server enforcement and client-side UI behavior.
  • Client-side Tree Filtering: Tree components have been upgraded to minimize expensive server round trips for more responsive searches.

Here’s what’s coming in future 3.x and 8.x releases. Buy now and these features are yours as soon as they’re released!

Coming Soon

  • CSS3 skins: Upgraded CSS3 skins are easier to modify, use radically less media, and render faster in modern browsers.
  • Server Script Blocks: Embed code snippets directly in .ds.xml files for server-side business logic.
  • *Workflow System: Loadable XML workflow definitions that can handle multiple steps of user interaction and server contact to make multi-step wizards entirely declarative (*SmartClient only).

You can learn more about what’s new in Smart GWT 3.0 and SmartClient 8.2 in the Feature Roadmap. Download the new releases today!

Happy New Year!

The Isomorphic Team